Ward Silverman

Ward Silverman

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First Name * Ward
Last Name * Silverman
Username * WardSilverman
Country * United States


Availability: Freelance
Website wardsilverman.weebly.com


  • University of Central Florida Emerging Media


My name is Ward Silverman. I am a freelance illustrator utilizing both digital and traditional painting. I have worked with clients on book illustrations, logo designs, album covers, and texture art for 3D animated films. I have also provided artwork for the Topps Company on "Star Wars" sketch card sets. Inspiration for my work comes from my faith in God and a desire to use the skills he has given me in a positive and impacting way.

​ I enjoy several artistic styles, from the vivid science fiction art of the 1970's to the sweeping American landscapes of the Hudson River School of the 1800's. Artists that I have drawn inspiration from include M.C. Escher, Thomas Cole, Michael Whelan, Ralph Mcquarrie, Paul Lehr, Chris Foss, John Berkey, John Harris, Maxfield Parrish, Syd Mead, and many others.